Katz and Strine Showcase Delaware Model’s Potential at CVM Event in Brazil

David A. Katz, a partner in Wachtell Lipton’s Corporate Department, and Leo E. Strine Jr., of counsel in Wachtell Lipton’s Corporate Department and former Chief Justice and Chancellor in Delaware, played prominent roles at a recent event hosted by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) titled “Securing Brazil’s Future as an Innovative Economy and Corporate Domicile.”

The event, held on November 30 in Rio de Janeiro, attracted more than 140 participants from around the world. The attendees gathered to explore the importance of public arbitral decisions in ensuring accountability for entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders.

Katz and Strine led a panel discussion titled “Delaware Model and its Relevance to Brazil,” which was expertly moderated by Marina Copola, the Nominee for Director of CVM. The panel focused on highlighting the potential of the Delaware model to enhance Brazil’s corporate governance framework.

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